Follow My Heart

In the dark the only thing I wait for is the light.

I wait in anticipation of something good.

My heart smiles first because somehow it knows it no longer needs to be afraid.

So I Follow My Heart.

The darkness isn’t so dark any more.

The darkness isn’t any darker than yesterday. It’s not any lighter either.

But the shimmer of light coming from my heart tells me that I can still be in the light – where I am in the dark.

So I am choosing to Follow My Heart.

I don’t ponder why the dark brought dread to my heart. It really doesn’t matter any more.

Knowing that dread and fear no longer has has the right to reside in my heart allows me to breath with confidence.

Whats in my heart that has given me comfort, confidence and joy and peace that surpasses all understanding?

Jesus – of course!

© 2015 – May 16, 2015

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