I’m Going to Praise You Anyway

No matter what the problem,

What the worry on my mind.

I can always count on you Lord,

For within You peace I find.


And even when it seems as though,

my heart’s beyond repair.

Alone I’m not for in Your Word,

You said You’re always there.


And when at times I’m feeling down,

and don’t know what to say.

I lift my eyes to heaven,

and will praise You anyway.


I’ll praise You when the clouds are grey,

and rain has filled the skies.

Or when my heart is broken,

and when tears has filled my eyes.


I’ll even praise You when it seems,

that no one really cares.

Or when it seems a problem

is too much for me to bear.


You’re with me from the start

until I reach the end of day.

So, no matter what I’m faced with,

I’m going to praise You Anyway!!!


By: Karen Lynn Wilson-Evans (c) 1987

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