Just Open the Door


What can I say that you haven’t yet heard

Either by hearing or reading the Word

Some things you’ve dismissed and choose to ignore

But yet He stands knocking – Just Open the Door

His knock may be faint, yet the sound is distinct

You choose to ignore it. It’s nothing – you think

What can I say. You’ve heard it before

How can you ignore it – Just Open the Door

Could you possibly think, your life will be done

And turn into boredom with no kind of fun?

Not so – I say to you. Life won’t be a bore

As long as you’re sitting there – Just Open the Door

Could you possibly think, you have so much to lose?

Life versus death. Which one would you choose

I cannot persuade you no less or no more

What can I say – Just Open the Door.

Karen L. Evans – February 4-6, 2002

© 2002


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