This poem was written in about a second! It can really stand some revising. I can remember sitting there and the only word that came to mind was ‘Sometimes’. So I wrote about it. I’m sure this could have been titled differently or the use of the current title could have been used more creatively.  But it wasn’t. So this is what was in my heart at that moment. Throw me a word (or whatever) sometime and I’ll write about! Cuz that’s what I do! Enjoy.

Lord fill me with your Spirit, and help me to believe

All that you have promised me, from you to be received

You say that you can hear me, with every prayer I pray

But Sometimes when I talk to you, you seem so far away

That’s not the case I know this, your ears are open wide

No matter what I’m going through, or what I feel inside

Lord leed me with your Spirit, and guide me through each day

Sometimes my mind is cloudy, Lord please show me the way

Lord teach me with your Spirit, and show me what is right

Teach me how to be on guard, teach me how to fight.

Karen – written January 28, 2007



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