I Choose to be Real

This was written on July 25, 2015.  When I sat down to write this particular thought, I was trying to write outside of how I was feeling.  I do that pretty often. I was reaching for the flowers in my heart only to keep bringing up mushrooms.  And if you know me – you know how I feel about mushrooms!!!


I Choose to be Real

Sometimes when I don’t want my day to be clouded with the worries of my world and I TRY to choose to be in a good mood – I just have to tell myself – “Let’s be real! This is how I really feel!”  . . .

And when I wake up with no anxiety, no fears and with a smile on my face and in my heart, and one of my kids – or all of them – bursts my bubble and makes me want to scream … I try to choose to be in a good mood and I have to tell myself “Let’s be real – My life sucks today!”

And I make an attempt to begin my day and tell myself that I can do this and be strong and not let anything make this day any different than I had planned!!

But I found  it hard to smile in my heart until I told myself –

“Lets be real – This day is sucky and it is what it is!

Than I smiled. : )

It was a sucky day. But knowing it was – and not fighting it – made it ok.


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