Standing in the Midst of Greatness

This was written on 6/13/2016 during one of my personal writing assignments/homework outings given to me by my therapist Craig. YES! I have a therapist! He’s part of the family.  Because of my social anxiety he would assign me to go to a coffee shop BY MYSELF and write.  I haven’t done that in a while and thank God because it still bothers me to do so.  And I know I’m not alone. Don’t tell him though (like you even could) because you will in the near future see me at a coffee shop with my writing journal – alone.  But once I’m there – I’m okay.  And if you’re there – I just might be writing about you!


Standing in the Midst of Greatness

I may be small – compared to who You are. But you make me feel great.

My thoughts are meaningless compared to Your thoughts. But You tell me they mean so much to You.

I am not worthy to stand in Your presence. But You tell me to “Come unto Me”.

Before You I stand in the Midst of Greatness. And I am continuously reassured by You through the Holy Spirit that You love me – accept me – and take me today – tomorrow – and forever –

Just as I am.



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