About Me, Karen

Born in Seattle Washington I was the fourth child – by just eight minutes. My twin Kathy entered the world before me. Believe it or not, even minutes make a difference between twins.  For years she said she was 10 minutes older than me.  I argued that it was eight minutes! I truly believe that the reason why I was born last is that I was actually first in line and she pulled me back and thus causing me to be born breach.  That part is true, I really was born breach!  And yes – I was born only eight minutes after her.   But let me just tell you this – she’s my best friend! Having her as my twin has been and is a blessing and its an honor for me to call her my sister and friend. Not to mention that she’s the best photographer EVER! (K. Chappell Photo Creations)

My first book was written and illustrated in crayon with a red cover made of construction paper. It was displayed in the library of Owens Road Elementary School along with my other 3rd grade classmates.  My first poem I recall writing for someone was to my 5th grade teacher after we were told she was moving on.  I was so sad! Can’t remember her name though.

Several years ago I wrote a poem entitled ‘On My Knees I Stand’ and I’d like to share it with you.  As soon as I find it!!!

This site is currently under construction – just so you know.  Enjoy.


with Karen Evans