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Honorable Discharge

My father passed away September 2012. I wrote this for him and it was read by my cousin Sereatha at his memorial service.  I would always greet my dad saying ‘Hi Pa’pa! and he would say back, ‘Hi Da’da!”

Honorable Discharge

How do we say goodbye to a husband who loved, provided for, sheltered and protected his family.

How do we say goodbye to a grandpa whose love was expressed through hugs, laughter, sound advise and wisdom.

How do we say goodbye to a friend who offered his technical expertise about what he truly loved to work with – computers.

How do we say goodbye?


We stand firm, hold our heads up high and we solute you.

Timothy 4:7 – I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.

Karen © 2012

Thy Perfect Will

I wrote this poem February 12 & 13 1988. It’s a little off beat, I know. I can remember exactly what I felt when I wrote this.  Kind of bittersweet.  I’ll tell you about it some day.  Until then, enjoy.

Keep me in Thy Perfect Will

that I not be led astray.

I know I am a sinner

and have tried things my own say.

Without you there’s no guidance 

for my eyes are blind to thee.

So you left your word which lights the way

and shines ahead of me.

Your Spirit dwells within me

and has lead me to a place.

Where your love and mercy

has washed my sins by grace.

I love you Lord with all my heart

my soul and all my mind.

I long to see your face

So in your word I seek to find.

Quicken me in my heart

to hear your voice and obey.

Not my will but thine be done

when things don’t go my way.

Keep me in Thy Perfect Will

 that I be pleasing in your sight.

Too long have I done things my way

I now know your way’s right.

Karen L. Wilson (Evans) © 1988



I looked up in the sky

And saw a cloud shaped like a dove.

I marveled at the works of God

He shows us from above

An artist He has shown to be

The beauty He creates

It’s all around me everyday

This I anticipate

The sounds of birds I hear each day

A song from God to me

Created for this purpose

In every bird I see

The smell of flowers in the air

That bloom in time for spring

This fills my heart with joyful praise

That makes me want to sing

I love to see what God has done

And what he plans to do

He created me just as I am

As He wonderfully created you.


Past Life

This was written April 15, 1987. I don’t remember much surrounding this poem except that I was a new Christian and was amazed that Jesus forgave me and loved me just the way I was.  That amazed me to no end! That I was loved! In some of my older work you will see some ‘thees thous thusses and yees’ and I used knocketh! That’s because I read out of the King James version – – Ok.  Here we go. Enjoy.

Don’t put Jesus off till tomorrow

For He may be coming today

He knows all about your Past Life

And loves you the same anyway

With Jesus you haven’t the worries

Which saddens and hardens your heart

With Jesus your Past Life’s forgotten

Giving your life a new start

Look ye not behind thee

And lift your eyes above

Repent and He’ll forgive you

And fill your heart with love

He knocketh at your door right now

And wishes to come in

Accept Him now, just as you are

And He’ll cleanse you from your sins

Confessing Jesus Lord of Lords

Believe from death He rose

Plead the blood of Jesus

And accept the Holy Ghost

Know that forward is the way

A babe in Christ you’ll be

Because new born babies have no past

So from your past you’re free

Karen Lynn Wilson (Evans) © 1987



This poem was written in about a second! It can really stand some revising. I can remember sitting there and the only word that came to mind was ‘Sometimes’. So I wrote about it. I’m sure this could have been titled differently or the use of the current title could have been used more creatively.  But it wasn’t. So this is what was in my heart at that moment. Throw me a word (or whatever) sometime and I’ll write about! Cuz that’s what I do! Enjoy.

Lord fill me with your Spirit, and help me to believe

All that you have promised me, from you to be received

You say that you can hear me, with every prayer I pray

But Sometimes when I talk to you, you seem so far away

That’s not the case I know this, your ears are open wide

No matter what I’m going through, or what I feel inside

Lord leed me with your Spirit, and guide me through each day

Sometimes my mind is cloudy, Lord please show me the way

Lord teach me with your Spirit, and show me what is right

Teach me how to be on guard, teach me how to fight.

Karen – written January 28, 2007



His Own World

I wrote this when I was at a coffee shop to do some writing and there was a young man doing some work on his laptop.  This moment could have drove me crazy but I chose to enjoy it instead.  Here’s what came to mind for me to write:

I don’t think this kid knows his music can be heard by us all.

He has his plugs in his ears and is dancing – you know bopping his head and kinda just moving to his music.

With his shades on – how cool he must believe he is.  And that’s cool. Cuz he is in His Own World.

He just doesn’t know he’s sharing his world with all of us!


written June 6, 2015

I Love to Sing

I don’t have a lovely singing voice.  But I love to Sing.

I wish I had a lovely singing voice.  Cuz I love to Sing.

Sometimes I make up a silly song – it makes me smile.

I wish I could sing a song for my friends and see them smile in amazement.

Even if it doesn’t sound all that great – I think they would still smile.

Cuz they would see – feel- and know that —

I Love to Sing!


(written, June 6, 2015)

Just Me

Here – There – Now and Then


I am here – I was there – I am now – I was then.

Who am I?  Who do I want to be?

Just Me.

Here I am and its me.  When I was there it was me.

Now I am me.  Then I was me.

Who do I want to be here?  Who did I want to be there?

Just Me.

Who do I want to be now?  Who did I want to be then?

Just Me.


© 2016

Written on May 16, 2015

Shine in Me

Be my light to shine the way

and plant my feet to stand

for what it is that I believe

for what your Word demands

I choose to follow you my Lord

 I choose to do what’s right

Clothe me in your armor full

so with your Word I’ll fight

Fill me Holy Spirit

with your wisdom and your way

Teach me what I am to know

teach me what to say

Let your light so Shine in Me

that no one can deny

That I have chosen to believe

that for my sins you died.

Karen L. Evans © 2005

Just Open the Door


What can I say that you haven’t yet heard

Either by hearing or reading the Word

Some things you’ve dismissed and choose to ignore

But yet He stands knocking – Just Open the Door

His knock may be faint, yet the sound is distinct

You choose to ignore it. It’s nothing – you think

What can I say. You’ve heard it before

How can you ignore it – Just Open the Door

Could you possibly think, your life will be done

And turn into boredom with no kind of fun?

Not so – I say to you. Life won’t be a bore

As long as you’re sitting there – Just Open the Door

Could you possibly think, you have so much to lose?

Life versus death. Which one would you choose

I cannot persuade you no less or no more

What can I say – Just Open the Door.

Karen L. Evans – February 4-6, 2002

© 2002