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Honorable Discharge

My father passed away September 2012. I wrote this for him and it was read by my cousin Sereatha at his memorial service.  I would always greet my dad saying ‘Hi Pa’pa! and he would say back, ‘Hi Da’da!”

Honorable Discharge

How do we say goodbye to a husband who loved, provided for, sheltered and protected his family.

How do we say goodbye to a grandpa whose love was expressed through hugs, laughter, sound advise and wisdom.

How do we say goodbye to a friend who offered his technical expertise about what he truly loved to work with – computers.

How do we say goodbye?


We stand firm, hold our heads up high and we solute you.

Timothy 4:7 – I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. I have kept the faith.

Karen © 2012

His Own World

I wrote this when I was at a coffee shop to do some writing and there was a young man doing some work on his laptop.  This moment could have drove me crazy but I chose to enjoy it instead.  Here’s what came to mind for me to write:

I don’t think this kid knows his music can be heard by us all.

He has his plugs in his ears and is dancing – you know bopping his head and kinda just moving to his music.

With his shades on – how cool he must believe he is.  And that’s cool. Cuz he is in His Own World.

He just doesn’t know he’s sharing his world with all of us!


written June 6, 2015

I Love to Sing

I don’t have a lovely singing voice.  But I love to Sing.

I wish I had a lovely singing voice.  Cuz I love to Sing.

Sometimes I make up a silly song – it makes me smile.

I wish I could sing a song for my friends and see them smile in amazement.

Even if it doesn’t sound all that great – I think they would still smile.

Cuz they would see – feel- and know that —

I Love to Sing!


(written, June 6, 2015)

Just Me

Here – There – Now and Then


I am here – I was there – I am now – I was then.

Who am I?  Who do I want to be?

Just Me.

Here I am and its me.  When I was there it was me.

Now I am me.  Then I was me.

Who do I want to be here?  Who did I want to be there?

Just Me.

Who do I want to be now?  Who did I want to be then?

Just Me.


© 2016

Written on May 16, 2015