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Listen to God

I wrote this poem on April 1, 1987 and is one of my favorites.  I was a new baby Christian on fire for God and held the title as a Holy Roller proudly! I wanted to tell the whole world that God is real and that Satan is real too. And that Satan is a liar!  I wanted to tell as many people as I could that Jesus is who we need to listen to. It was so clear to me that  Satan had a hold on my life and what I thought was real was really a lie. I had no idea that the devil played such an active role in my journey down the wrong path – to hell.  I had no idea.  I believed that I was not worthy of God’s love and didn’t know how God could ever really love someone like me.  I remember the fear of many things in my heart disappearing as I allowed the love of God to consume me.  This poem could probably stand some revisions but I kept it just the way I wrote that day.  Enjoy.


There’s something I’d like to stress. Satan and how real he is. He knows everything about you from your insecurities to what you confess with your mouth. He can just as well talk to you as the Lord can. But what we have to do is have the wisdom to know the difference, because  Satan will tell you anything to discourage you.

He’ll tell you that you’re doing right

when you are doing wrong

He’ll make you weak in areas

that once before were strong

He’ll tell you that nobody cares

and that you’re all alone

He’ll put a shadow overhead

and make your heart like stone

He’ll tell you that you know it all

and not to take advice

And quickly make decisions

without the need of thinking twice

He’ll tell you, you have all the time

to think of what you need

By walking over others because

your heart is filled with greed

He’ll tell you that the only way

to let frustrations out

Is yelling, screaming, violence

or sulking whine or pout

He’ll tell you that you need a drug

to calm the nerves he gave

To make it easy for his work

and hard for you to save

He’ll tell you that the Lord is mad

and doesn’t hear your cries

But we all know that isn’t true

because Satan’s filled with lies

But the One he serves is the One we serve. And the Lord is good. And everything of God is just that, of good. Everything He tells you is of good.

He tells you that you’re doing right

when it is Him you seek

He’ll make you strong in areas

that once before were weak

He’ll tell you that somebody cares

and that you’re not alone

He’ll take the shadow overhead

and break your heart of stone

He’ll grow your knowledge constantly

and give you good advice

and let you know to take some time

to think it over twice

He knows already of your wants

and what you really need

He’ll guide you thru, if willing

your desires He will feed

He’ll tell you that the only way

to let frustrations out

Is repenting and confessing

and to trust without a doubt

He’ll tell you that you need to read

His book and praise His name

To make it easy for His work

and put to Satan shame

He’ll tell you He’s not angry

and He hears your every cry

He’ll show that He is the truth

and that He will never lie

So you see? God only brings goodness. And who would want anything other than that?

By: Karen Lynn Wilson (Evans) – © 1987

I’m Going to Praise You Anyway

No matter what the problem,

What the worry on my mind.

I can always count on you Lord,

For within You peace I find.


And even when it seems as though,

my heart’s beyond repair.

Alone I’m not for in Your Word,

You said You’re always there.


And when at times I’m feeling down,

and don’t know what to say.

I lift my eyes to heaven,

and will praise You anyway.


I’ll praise You when the clouds are grey,

and rain has filled the skies.

Or when my heart is broken,

and when tears has filled my eyes.


I’ll even praise You when it seems,

that no one really cares.

Or when it seems a problem

is too much for me to bear.


You’re with me from the start

until I reach the end of day.

So, no matter what I’m faced with,

I’m going to praise You Anyway!!!


By: Karen Lynn Wilson-Evans (c) 1987

To Compromise

You’re not like me

I’m not like you

I want my way

And you do to


To Compromise

Is hard to do

‘Cuz I’m like me

And you’re like like you


We talk things out

We talk things through

I talk like me

You talk like you


Let me speak

And I’ll let you

You hear me

And I’ll hear you


As time goes by

We’ll work this through

‘Cuz I am me

And you are you

© 2002

Says The Moon

I love how the air smells outside after it rains.  And how the skies have been washed and the blue looks so blue.

It’s a treat to me when the moon can be seen in the daytime.

Hello Karen!  Says the Moon.

I love the Moon!

Hi Moon! I say back with a half smile.  You know – that cute half smile : )

Karen  © 2015