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Kathy vs. Karen (the twins)

This writing was actually a homework assignment for my college english class about 1988.  My sister Kathy and I were roommates for about five years.  It was a great moment in time.  I love you Kat!

Ok. Here we go . . .


Although we were born together on the same day, there are many differences between my sister Kathy and I.

Kathy’s normal birth head first was eight minutes before me as I was born a more difficult birth with my feet first.

Kathy looks more like our father and holds some of his mother’s features as I take on those of our mother.

As that may be, Kathy’s personality, which is pretty mellow and friendly, is tailored to that of our mother’s.  On the other hand, my personality, outgoing, adventurous and somewhat crazy tends to be more like our father’s.

After high school Kathy went on to further her education and enrolled in college but I had to be outgoing, adventurous and most definitely crazy when I decided to join the military – the Navy.

When it comes to home making, Kathy takes the cake.  She likes to cook and she takes the time to make herself a meal to save money.  I find it easier and just as healthy to go through a gourmet drive through and save time.

Finally, as Kathy and I are indeed different, it is the difference that has borne such a binding friendship and love.

– – Fast forward to today, I enjoy and am very good at cooking home cooked meals with fresh ingredients!